The Question
How many persons can be complainants in one complaint?
The Answer(Detailed)
By virtue of Section 190(1) (a), the magistrate can take cognizance of an offence upon receiving complaint from any person. So there is nothing in the code which provides for 2 or more complainants in the same complaint. Various courts have already given this dictum.
Parties: Thethavusamy v. Radhakrishnan
Present: Hon'ble Mr.Justice K.N.Basha
Citation: 2007(1)KLT 226 Madras.
In para 5 it was made clear that a complaint made by two or more persons in respect of one and the same occurrence or transaction is not valid.

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  1. ma'am,
    is it legally valid to substitute a complainant, after the original complaint of the original complainant has been found false during investigation?

  2. No,I think there can be only one complainant ina complaint. If there are 2 complainanants in one and the same complaint one should be made the witness

  3. you are correct jimmykishor. one should be made the witness. if a case forwarded to police is found by the police and referred as false,then a protest complaint can be filed by the complainant with the magistrate

  4. there is no bar to file a joint complaint by two persons

  5. i dont think that 2 persons can file a complaint. 'petition' and 'application' is to be differentiated from 'complaint'.

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  7. Only one who is prior is complainant and second is witnesses u/s 161 of Cr.p.c.

  8. I think der shud b only a complainant and others may be as a witnesses


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