1.Which decision held that registration of an instrument operates as constructive notice to subsequent transferrors about its contents?
    A:    Thilakdharilal v. Khedanlal
2. Transfer of property to idol is_________under TP Act.
    A:    Not a transfer
3.________is required for Attestation under the Act.
    A:    2 or more witness
4. A claim to any debt other than a debt secured by mortgage of property, hypothecation or pledge is called__________.
    A:    Actionable Claim
5. Condition in a deed which restrains the alienation of property is _______.
    A:    Void
6. Condition restraining alienation is void.___________is an exception.
    A:    Lease
7. A vested interest is_________ by the death of the transferree before he obtains possession.
    A:    Not defeated [Sec.19]
8. Conditional transfer is provided under ________of the Act.
    A:    Sec.25
9. 'Nemo dat quod non habet' means:
    A:    one cannot transfer what he doesn't possess.
10. Sec______contains doctrine of Lis Pendens.
    A:    52
11. Sec.53A of the Act deals with __________.
    A:    Part Performance
12. A lease of immovable property from year to year or for any term exceeding one year or reserving a yearly rent________registered.
    A:    must be[Sec.107]
13. Second mortgage by the mortgagor is called________.
    A:     Puisne Mortgage.
14. _______ is the transfer of existing movable or immovable property  made voluntarily and without consideration.
    A:    Gift[Sec.122]
15. Revocation of gift is provided under __________.
    A:    Sec.126
16. A suit to obtain a decree that a mortgagor shall be absolutely debarred of his right to redeem the mortgaged property is called a suit for__________.
    A:    foreclosure[Sec.67]
17. Rights and liabilities of buyer and seller is provided under Sec_____.
    A:    55
18. A seller is estopped from denying the fact that he was not the owner at the time of transfer. This doctrine is called_______.
    A:    Doctrine of Feeding the Grant by Estoppel.
19: Where property subject to a mortgage belongs to two or more persons having separate rights, the different shares in such property is liable to be contributed rateably to the debt secured by the mortgage. This is known as the Doctrine of Contribution. It is provided under________.
    A:    Sec.82.
20. Sec.35 deals with __________ .
    A:    Doctrine of Election.

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