1. Which Court should decide if there is dispute regarding title?
    A: Civil Court
2. Can the Court vacate order of eviction if the tenant deposits in court the arrears of rent with interest and costs within one month of the said order?
    A: Yes[Sec.11(2)(c)]
3. Can an order generally be given when the landlord has another building of his own in his possession in the same city, town or village?
    A: Cannot be given[Proviso to Sec.11(3)]
4. Can the tenant dictate to the landlord regarding his need or choice of the building?
    A: No.[Jerry Joseph v. Selvaraj-2009(2)KLT 129]
5.What is the name of rent which is more than double the maximum of the fair rent that could be fixed for a building?
    A: Unconscionable Rent
6. What is the purpose of Kerala Building Lease and Rent Control Act, 1965?
    A: Regulating Leasing and Controlling Rent of buildings
7. A tenant who has been in continuous occupation of a building from ______________ as a tenant shall not be liable for eviction.
    A: 1st April 1940[Sec.11(17)]
8. Whether a suit notice is necessary for eviction on the ground of subletting?
    A: Yes[Proviso to Sec.11(4)(i)]
9. A landlord who has obtained eviction order on the ground of reconstrucion if fails to reconstruct it within time fixed by court shall be liabel for fine of rupees_____________
A:    Rs.500/-[Proviso to Sec.11(4)(iv)]
10. Any tenant who is engaged in any employment or class of employment notified by the Government as an essential service is__________ to be evicted.
A:     Not Liable[Sec.11(11)(i)]
11. Which Court generally executes the order passed by Rent Control Court?
A:    Munsiff Court
12.Article __________of the Limitation Act is applicable to execution under the Act.
A:    136
13. A tenant coming within Sec.11(17)_____________claim protection when a landlord seeks an order directing tenant occupying whole or any portion of the remaining part of the building to put the landlord in possession as he requires additional accomodation for his personal use.
A:    Cannot[Alben D Souza v. Ratnakara Shenoi-1993(2)KLT 613]
14. Power of the Government to make rules are provided under_________ of the Act.
A:    Sec.31
15. The landlord or the tenant can approach Rent Control Court for revision of rent at an interval of
A:    5 years
16. Power to remand is provided under__________.
A:    Sec.20A
17. What is the punishment for receiving unconscionable rent?
A:    SI for a term of 3 months, or fine of 2000, or both
18. Sec.33 of the Act deals with__________
A:    Restoration of possession
19. Revisional jurisdiction of the High Court is provided under ________
A:    Sec.20 of the Act
20. An order for eviction of a tenant__________on all subtenants under such tenant if they are not parties.
A:    shall be binding notwithstanding their inclusion in the party array[Sec.21]

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  1. Answer to Question No 7 is not absolutely correct. The Ground of own use under section 11 (3) is not available to tenant who is in occupation of the building from 1940 (this is a personal right and the heirs of the tenant will not get this right)

  2. what about the impact of Section 11(17) at present


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