Year of Enactment-1963
Came into existence on -March 1, 1964
Parts:3/ Chapters:7/ Sections:42
2(b)- settlement
2(c)- trust-as in Indian Trust Act
2(d)- trustee
2(e)- words not defined contained in Indian Contract Act
4- no penal rights enforceable
5&6- relates to immovable property
7&8- relates to movable property
5&7- according to CPC
6- if dispossessed-can recover possession by suit/no suit after 6 months and no suit against government/no appeal or review from orders under this section
8- deals with delivery of movable property by person in possession to person entitled to immediate possession under certain circumstances/ The circumstances :
thing held by defendant as agent or trustee of plaintiff; compensation not adequate relief for loss of thing; difficult to ascertain damage; when possession wrongfully transferred
10- says under what circumstances the court can in its discretion order specific performance/ The circumstances: actual damage due to non-performance could not be assessed; when compensation not an adequate relief
14- says what contracts cannot be specifically enforced/ when compensation is adequate relief; when minute details in the contract; determinable contract; when continuous duty has to be performed which the court could not supervise
15- who can enforce specific performance
20- discretion of court/ may not grant specific performance merely because it is lawful to do so
21- plaintiff may claim compensation either in addition or in substitution
24- dismissal of suit for specific performance shall bar suit for compensation
26- rectification of contract on the ground of fraud, mutual mistake etc where real intention of parties not expressed
27- rescission of contract when it is voidable, terminable by plaintiff; contract unlawful
31- cancellation of contract when it causes injury
34- declaratory decrees
36- preventive relief by temporary and perpetual injunction granted by court's discretion
38- perpetual injunction can be granted to prevent breach of obligation
39- mandatory injunction to perform some act
42- 10 grounds stated where injunction cannot be granted

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