The justice is not doing any justice these days. The judiciary is the only one sphere which is popular than other departments. But nowadays it is becoming popular in some different ways.
Appointments in judiciary have always raised suspicions and news in the nation. Of late the bypassing of A P Shah, chief justice of the Delhi High Court for appointment to the Supreme Court is in the news. The act has raised much criticism from legal citizens and other public. He is one of the senior most judge in the judiciary and has given landmark judgements on homosexuality and right to information. He himself unveiled his emotions to the world and said that the collegium lacks transparency. There is no provision to record the reasons when seniority is considered in elevating judges to Supreme Court. The first thing the collegium should meet with is transparency and it must wipe out any shadow of secrecy. The reason of not elevating a senior judge to the apex court must also be communicated to him.

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