The Court room is a place where some etiquettes and ethics are thoroughly maintained for a long time. The mannerisms in Court are something special for all. These are followed as a code of standards which is an integral and inseparable part of judiciary. The Bar and Bench are said to be the two wheels which move the chariot of justice. None is superior to the other. Mutual respect and integrity is the key for a just judiciary. A law was under discussion for some period regarding maintenance of standards of conduct of judges in apex Courts. But of late the news has hit the stands according to which it is known that there is a change in the proceedings. A bill which was meant to set judicial standards and maintain a mechanism to deal with complaints of misconduct of judges was deferred by the Union Cabinet.
The Bill was named Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, 2010. Judiciary is meant to be a place where truth is the ultimate word. Judicial administrative system and judges should be transparent, impartial and maintain certain prescribed standards of conduct. That was the prime object of the Bill. The Bill had detail procedures to be gone through before an action for impeachment of a judge to be conducted. But a common man could also lodge a complaint against an erring judge.
The main reason for the postponment is unknown. But obviously we cannot presume that all the judges are transparent and clean by their conduct which was the reason for delaying the move of Bill.

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