Compelling Brain mapping  and Lie Detection unconstitutional:
The Central Bureau of Investigation in India will bet disheartened by the latest news from the legal luminaries. The Supreme Court of India held that the compelling to 'brain-map'some one or using narco-analysis or lie detector test is an interference with a person's individual rights.
In fact Article 20(3) of the Indian Constitution safeguards the right of an accused against self-incrimination. He could remain silent against any incriminating facts be revealed by himself. He shall not ve compelled to be a witness against himself.
Now the CBI has been using this technique in high-end crimes against accused and has been a success as they claim. But the present verdict is going to be a real setback to the central agency.
The Supreme Court however upheld the individual rights and rights of the accused. It also underlined the fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution under Article 20(3).

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  1. Please let us know the government rule against bio-telemetry, psychotronics or mind control activity. Several people in India is suffering such harassment today.


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