In Bailable Offences, bail is a matter of right. It is dealt with in Section 436 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The Court should grant bail if the accused is ready to furnish bail with sufficient sureties.
Generally no application is required in many courts for granting bail in bailable offences. Affidavit of the sureties and bail memo are the needed things for the grant of bail. Anyhow the application for bail in bailable offences is much more simple than in non-bailable offences or in anticipatory bail. The model form is shown below for reference.
The application contains the cause title which includes the name of the court, the case number, the name of the parties etc. After that the body is written:
Before the Hon'ble Judicial First Class Magistrate Court at ________(input the name of the station)
CC/ST______/_______(input the case number and year)
Petitioner/Accused:_______(input the name of the accused)
Respondent/Complainant:________(State or defacto complainant)
Application for Bail filed by the Accused under Section 436 of the Cr.P.C
1. The accused in the above numbered case is charged with offences under Sections _______(input the section numbers) which are bailable offences.
2. The accused is prepared to furnish sufficient sureties for the appearance before this Court as and when required.
Therefore it is prayed that this honourable Court may be pleased to enlarge the accused on bail pending the trial of the case.
Dated this the ____ (input day)day of ________(input month), ___(input year)

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