The offences are scheduled under the Criminal Procedure Code to be compoundable, compoundable with permission and non-compoundable. This is dealt with in Section 320 of the law of Criminal Procedure in Table No.1. Here we shall deal with the offences which are compoundable in law.
Before the Honourable JFCM Court in __________(enter name of court centre)
CC/ST_______(enter case number and year)
Now enter the name of parties
Petition filed under Section 320 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
1. The petition is filed by the complainant/defacto complainant/CW1 and accused in the above numbered case.
2. The above numbered case has been chargesheeted against the accused under sections_____(enter the sections of offences)
3. That the matters related to the case has been settled and compromised between the parties in the presence of mediators/counsels. There is no need for the case to be proceeded with.
Hence it is prayed that this Honourable Court may accept and effect the compromise between the parties by allowing this petition.
Dated this the ____day of ______
Sd/- Complainant

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