The word notice means to get knowledge. It means in law the knowledge of a fact. A person is said to have a notice of a fact when he actually knows that fact, or when, but for wilful abstention from an inquiry or search which he sought to have made, or gross negligence, he would have known it.
There are two kinds of notice viz express and constructive. Express notice is the actual notice. Here a person acquires actual knowledge or information of a fact. Constructive notice is implied notice.
More on constructive notice
It is based on the law of presumption or it is presumed that in certain circumstances that the person knows the fact. He cannot afterwards say against it. This type of notice can be divided into five.
1. Notice imputed by wilful abstention from enquiry
2. Notice from gross negligence
3. Notice by registration
4. Notice by possession
5. Notice by agent

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