In Criminal Procedure Code there are three types of case viz compundable, non-compoundable and compoundable with permission of the Court. In offences compoundable with the permission of the Court, the accused and complainant has to file a petition seeking permission of the Court for compromise of the case. These types of offences are mentioned in Section 320(2) of the CrPC. The draft form of the above petition is shown as below:
Before the Honourable Judicial First Class Magistrate Court___(enter station)
CC ______(enter case number)
Complainant:___(enter name)
Accused:_______(enter name)
Petition filed for the Permission To Compromise case by CW1 and Accused
1. That the above numbered case is charged under Section ____(enter sections) of IPC against the accused.
2. That the matter has been compromised between the parties in the intervention of mediators and an amicable settlement is arrived at.
3. That the case need not be proceeded further.
Therefore it is most respectfully prayed that this Honourable Court may be pleased to allow the parties to compound the above case.
Dated this the ________(enter date)
Sd/- CW1

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