Injury lawyers are a different category of lawyers. I am not going to separate them from the general lawyers. But they form a different category of advocates who are dealing with personal injury law. The post title is also not to harm any feelings or identity of any particular lawyer or even the category of injury lawyers. The aim of this article is to bring into light the very infamous attitude of some injury lawyers who regardless of the noble and reputed ways of this profession turn out to be the real hazards to its honour.
This is the first part of the article.
What is injury and who is an injury lawyer?
This article deals with the legal and general insurance category. The injury therefore has relation with motor accident cases. An injury lawyer is therefore a lawyer who practices in injury claims related to motor accidents only.
Need for insurance and claim
Nowadays i.e. the 21st century insurance has become a real essential thing in the life of every individual. The vehicles plying in the streets increased enormously. Most of the developing countries are still in the doorstep of maintaining a proper roadway. This boosts the increase of road accidents. So for securing the health and life of every individual the insurance is of a great help. This is also a matter of social responsibility which is to be cultivated by every individual. Every vehicle owner agrees to compensate to the harms or injury caused to another by an accident in which his vehicle is the offending one. So a third party insurance coverage is an 
essential one. Furthermore, a claim can be raised by the injured in a motor vehicle accident. In case of death, his legal representatives will get a claim over the insurance amount. The claims through court ensures that the injured gets complete justice and the right amount for compensating his pain and sufferings. So a legal claim is always the best.
Now read the second part of the article also which will explain the ways of presenting a claim in the court, the court dealings, and the injury caused by litigation.
The articles are only intended to preserve the moral values relating to the profession and inspire to keep it a noble one.

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  1. Motorcycle riders are prone to danger, that's why getting an insurance can help them in the long run. Having an injury lawyer may help solve dilemmas regarding accidents in the future. But having one can't bring back life to the way it used to be. Following the proper road decorum is still the way to go. So always try to have a safe road trip.


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