The Bar Council of India as per Section 49 of the Advocates Act has formulated rules relating to standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette in Bar Council of India rules which are to be followed as ethical mandates by each advocate.
In Chapter Two of Bar Council of India rules, Section I deals with duty of Advocates towards the Court. Rule 6 specifically states that an advocate shall appear in court at all times only in the prescribed dress, and his appearance shall always be presentable.
The wear of gown is optional in hot seasons. I have observed many advocates complaining of the black and thick outfit which attracts heat. It is difficult to wear unless the court rooms are air-conditioned. However, if one plans to wear it,whatever be the season, a decent manner has to be adopted in the dressing. I have found many advocates wearing gown only on one shoulder. The other side will be falling down on to their arm. Some may only wear it on their arms and will never cover the shoulders with it. This is awkward and mostly ugly. I may say that this is the violation of Rule6 stated above. I find that there is a limit on the part of presiding officers to control the mannerisms of an advocate in Court. It is the advocates who have to conform to the standard prescribed in Rule 6. The budding lawyers tend to imitate, either consciously or sub-consciously the style of dressing, walking, talking etc of their seniors. So the seniors have a great role to play in this thing.
I remember when a presiding officer/judge asked an advocate who was about to make submissions, to correctly place his collar tie/band. He also advised/ordered him to be presentable in the court. In the busy schedule, an advocate may not care about all these 'refined' things or I wonder that some may actually dislike this post itself. But still I find that Rule 6 has something to add to the profession. It is just a post. You can have your say vide comments. Thank you.

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  1. Respected sir,
    My name is fathima khan and i have completed BA.BL in the year 2011 got enrolled in bar council of Andhra pradesh .i practice parda, in fact i completed law with the veil.Sir my question is that i want to practice in the court .am very much interested in practice can i practice in the court with the veil(cover my face) is there any rule or regulation that one cannot practice in the court with the veil if so please give me the details.Sir i cannot stop wearing my veil and i want to practice law with it and why can't i ? India is a secular country and every one has there own rights to practice there religion unless and until it harms or hurts any body's feelings or life. what is wrong in practicing one's religion i tried to get an answer for my problems i asked many senior lawyers but in no vain nobody accepted me to practice .please sir i will be thankful to u if u advice me n help me out.waiting for your advise.

    Thank you


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