The Registrar under the Indian Registration Act has some duties when the documents are presented before him for registration.
  • The registrar will enquire whether a document was executed by the persons who claims to have executed the same.
  • The registrar will enquire as to the identity of the persons/executants appearing before him.
  • The registrar will verify the power of attorney when any agent or holder of any person appears before him or presents a document inorder to satisfy himself that the agent is a duly authorised one.
  • The registrar can accept a document for registration if he is satisfied as to the identity of the person either as the executant or the authorised agent.
  • The registrar will enquire in to the matter of minor, idiot, lunatic persons alleged to be executants. He can refuse to register a document alleged to be executed by such persons.
  • A person claiming to be the representative of a dead executant can present the document for registration. The registrar can enquire into the truth and register the document as specified in Sections 58 to 61 of the Act.
  • If any one so appearing denies the execution, the Registrar can refuse to accept the document for registration.
  • The registrar can examine any person appearing in his office in connection with the registration. For this purpose the Registrar may call upon any person through summons.

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