FTII; Image Courtesy:FTII
Acute abuse of process of law is alleged against Pune Police who arrested students of Film and Television Institute of India from its premises at midnight. The students were alleged to be torturing and restraining the FTII director. As per his version, a large number of students stormed into his office and forced him to make an immediate decision on the pro-rata assessment of project reports.
The police arrest came as a result of complaint lodged by the director of the institute after he was gheraoed by the students. Various reports tell that there is unrest among the students over appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the Chairperson of FTII.
However as the real truth about the incident is yet to be revealed, police is said to have registered a crime against the arrested students for unlawful assembly, rioting, wrongful restraint and voluntarily causing hurt. 
Now the issue is taken up by various political parties and police is alleged to have taken a hasty step in arresting the students at midnight without even giving a notice. On the other hand, police seems to be justified since the arrest were made in an alleged cognizable offence. Another important fact to be noted is that the petition lodged by director was delayed.

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