After Maggi ban, the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) might have taken a more proactive and vigilant approach which resulted in fatal blow by the order of Supreme Court as the apex Court of India upheld striking down of controversial advisory of the regulator.
Image:FSSAI Logo
The food regulator by an advisory in the year 2013 required all products, irrespective of addition of any new ingredient, to be checked and approved by it before going to market. This has resulted in seeking approval of the regulator before every new product being marketed even if it contains approved ingredients.
The case arised as Maharashtra based Vital Nutraceuticals and Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association challenged the said advisory. But as per the version of the food regulator, the Nutraceuticals widely used in dietary supplements were steroids and can cause serious health issues. But High Court of the State pointed out the illegalities of issuing such a regulatory and quashed the same. On further move to the Supreme Court of India by FSSAI, the apex Court upheld the same dictum of High Court.
Earlier ban on Maggi was quashed by Bombay High Court pointing out irregularities of order.

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