Connecticut becomes yet another State in US to rule against death penalty. The law in the State however repealed capital punishment for all but those who were sentenced to death before the enforcement of the said law in the year 2012.
However Honorable Justice in Connecticut Supreme Court has already ruled death penalty unconstitutional for the year 2000 murder case. In its execution history, Connecticut had used methods like hanging, electric chair, lethal injection. However there has been rare instances of execution of late in the State. At present the highest Court in the State has passed this ruling after analysing the law and also the constitutional principles. As per Court's decision, the state's death penalty no longer meets contemporary standards of decency and it does not serve any legitimate penological (the study of punishment of crime) purpose.
The ruling came in an appeal filed by Eduardo Santiago, a man convicted for the offence of murder for hire. There was a majority of 4-3 in the ruling and Honourable Justice Richard Palmer had made a well crafted reasoning to the point.

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