Abdel Fattah al-Sisi; Image Courtesy:Wikipedia
Egyptian Anti-Terrorism law which was published in the nation's official gazette website lays down strict and harsh punishments. The law contains death penalty as a punishment. It establishes special courts to deal with crimes related to terrorism. Any person alleged to have joined a militant group will face 10 years in prison. Funding terrorists or terrorist groups will give a life time in jail.
The special courts set up for dealing with crimes of terrorism will work in fast track mechanism. Apart from the death penalty, there will is life imprisonment and huge fines for those indulging in terrrorist activities. The fines are imposed to those publishers who spread false reports or contradicting with authority's version on datas of attacks of security operations against militants.
There are mixed reviews regarding the law enacted as human rights activists fear that it may be used in the wrong way to halt dissent and curtail the freedom of expression.
As per Government version, the law is the necessary outcome of the past growing militant attacks on Egypt. However Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has ratified the action of imposing such huge punishments on publishers. Egypt has already seen arrests and punishments of journalists in the past for alleged publication false news. It will be interesting to watch how the new law helps to curb the terrorist attacks. Earlier Thailand also passed new law which is also alleged to directly cut the roots of freedom of expression.
News Courtesy:BBC

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