The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers commonly named "ICANN" and Minds+Machines Group Limited is to launch the .law domains (dot law). Earlier the California based Internet regulator ICANN had ended restrictions on site name suffixes in the year 2011.
Minds+Machines will be the registry of .law (dot law) domains which is expected to become available from last quarter of year 2015. As per various reports, some most influential law firms has been assigned with the new suffix for their websites/domains as part of market drive. However for getting these suffix, once it is launched, one will have to pay a decent sum of money.
But it is not clear how this new suffixes going to boost the law firms as people are not finding it difficult to reach the sites of reputed firms and lawyers with ease. It will be interesting to see, if search engines give preference to sites having dot law suffixes in any query related to legal matters.

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