Thailand's military government has enforced a new law to restrict public gatherings near public offices. The Act named Public Assembly Act has already been put to criticism by human rights activists all over the world.
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As per the new law, those who want to protest by public gathering or otherwise has to inform the polic about rallies et cetera at least 24 hours before they are held. Demonstrations within specified limits of goverment offices, courts, public transport stations et cetera is also banned by the new law.
The military led government which ousted the people-elected government last year speaks supportive of the new law. As per their version the law is a necessity of the present situation. 
Thailand is now witnessing many anti-government protests and gatherings. As the law stipulates stringent punishments, it seems to have ignited more tense situation in Thailand as the new enactment may have far reaching consequences in the present circumstances.

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