Emblem of Qatar;Courtesy:Wikipedia
Qatar passed new law for organ donation. The new law will help taking organs from people who are not related to the recepients. But this can only be done after the doctor has exhausted all the available remedial treatments known to him. Further, this cannot be done as a matter of right. The new law proposes that the special provision is applicable only in case of emergencies.
The new law sought to set up dedicated committees in hospitals to decide upon applications of organ donations. The committee will thoroughly scrutinise each application with the given facts to decide upon whether the request can be approved or not.
As per the new law only major persons of sound mind will be able to donate their organs that too after following strict guidelines. The law also proposes stringent penal measures for illegal organ trades across the nation.
But one of the controversial provision in the new law is that the donor is empowered to change his mind at any time even after given consent earlier to donate his organ. He can opt to withdraw from the offer without giving any reasons. But as per reports a significant number of people have already registered to donate their organs and authorities do not feel that the provision to withdraw consent will do any harm in emergencies.

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