Oscar Pistorius; Image Courtesy:Wikipedia
South African Supreme Court received appeal papers in the matter of Oscar Pistorius murder case. The prosecutors has filed the appeal since the Olympic runner is soon to be released from prison to house arrest.
Earlier he was sentenced to jail for five years for committing culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the year 2013. Though the prosecution was for murder, the Court verdict was only for homicide and therefore given a lower level of punishment.
Since Pistorius testified that he shot his girlfriend by mistake on the thought that she will be an intruder. But prosecution affirmed their stand on giving the highest punishment for him for the offence of murder. As per prosecution version, Pistorius had every knowledge that shooting someone like that is likely to cause death of a person. By filing appeal prosecution will stress on the point of upgrading the conviction from homicide to murder. As per lower court verdict, there was no intention to kill a person.
Oscar Pistorius aka Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is the Olympic and Paralympic track star whose lower legs were amputated when he was a baby. Oscar has competed in several athlete events including Olympics and has won several gold medals for his country.

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