Peru's 'stalker-law' is in the news for quite some time. After Peruvian President's adoption of a new decree which permits police to access the location data of any mobile phone or verify the internet data of any person kept with service providers without needing a warrant from a Court of Law.
The law is meant to curb threat to security. But Peruvian people fear it is the greatest threat to their freedom and an infringement of their privacy. 
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The data is meant to be kept for a period of three years by the telephone companies and internet service providers. The law is colloquially referred "Ley Acosadora", "ley stalker" or 'stalker-law'. There is much hue and cry with respect to this law in Peru and it is alleged that the government, before adoption of the decree, should have consulted general public. As per the rules of Congress, the President should notify Congress of the legislative decrees and Congress, in turn should refer the case to the competent Congressional Commission. The Congressional Commission will give an opinion as to the conformity of the decree with the Constitution and the delegation of authority granted by Congress. It is known that Congressional Committee of Peru will review the new adoption soon which the people of Peru are eagerly looking forward to. If there are any inconsistencies, there is a chance that the Committee will repeal the law.

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