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Spain's new public security laws were already in the news for putting gag on freedom of expression. 
An anonymous lady is the recent victim of the new law introduced in the month of July for taking photograph of police officers who parked in a disabled spot.
Several rights groups including Amnesty International have criticised the introduction of such a law which will curtail the fundamental right of freedom of expression of people. The law is capable to smash down, in the name of public safety, any peaceful demonstrations.
The law when passed faced severe criticism and many protests and demonstrations against it by the Spain people. The punishment includes fines of 600 Euros upto 30,000 Euros or more for protests and demonstrations without prior approval and permission or violation and disturbance of public safety. Spanish government seem to have ratified the law on the necessity of improving public security.
However apart from curbing demonstrations, the law includes internet surfing, drug trafficking, illegal downloading, terrorism etc.
Courtesy:BBC News

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